The George Washington University (GW) School of Nursing has launched a new student support system that will help students develop strategies to physically and emotionally care for themselves while learning to care for others. Faculty in the GW nursing school saw a need for additional resources to help students balance the stress of academics, personal life, and the stress of clinical experiences, prompting the creation of the new wellness program.

The Professional Well-Being Initiative launched this fall with a series of nine seminars on mental health and stress management to take place over the course of the academic year. Future nurses in the program will learn how to cope with the emotional and physical strains of the profession. The program is designed to help students develop the knowledge and skills needed to proactively cope with stress and adversity.

Pamela Jeffries, Dean of the GW School of Nursing, tells The GW Hatchet, “Nursing students complete a rigorous curriculum that may be difficult for some students to cope with. Through the initiative, students learn to manage the many tasks and deadlines of our program, then carry that knowledge and awareness with them beyond their students and into professional practice.”

Several seminars have already taken place this semester on topics including mindfulness and self care, balancing multiple tasks, and grit and resilience. Students who complete at least six of the nine sessions offered will receive a notation of their transcript verifying that they have completed the program.

To learn more about GW Nursing’s new student wellness program, visit here.

Christina Morgan

Christina Morgan

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Christina Morgan

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