People with experience working in the medical field will soon have an opportunity to advance their careers thanks to a nursing apprenticeship program funded by a federal grant. The Louisiana Workforce Commission received a grant to help increase the number of registered apprenticeship programs in the state. The apprenticeship structure allows participants to earn a living while furthering their education. Graduates will earn an associate’s degree in practical nursing.

Offered through Northshore Technical Community College in Slidell, LA, the year-long apprenticeship program starts Jan. 29. The inaugural class includes 20 people with medical backgrounds ranging from graduates of medical assistant programs to military veterans with relevant experience.

Commission Executive Director Ava Dejoie tells, “It speaks to the desire of many healthcare professionals to advance their careers and provides an effective avenue to achieve that goal. We look forward to witnessing the countless success stories that this program will undoubtedly generate.”

The program includes classroom and clinical components and is expected to attract people with more varied backgrounds in the future. The program will be particularly beneficial for medical assistants who have trouble moving into higher positions despite the fact that their job responsibilities overlap with the nursing field, an issue that this program is expected to address in the future.

To learn more about Louisiana’s new apprenticeship program to help medical professionals become nurses, visit here.

Christina Morgan

Christina Morgan

Assistant Editor at Daily Nurse
Christina Morgan is the Assistant Editor for
Christina Morgan

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