Recovery Room Nurse

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Basic description

As a highly skilled clinician, the recovery room nurse is responsible for monitoring immediate postoperative patients across age groups and works in varied health care settings such as acute care facilities and ambulatory care settings. The recovery room nurse is also responsible for ensuring that acute complications arising from surgery are prevented by intervening if acute life-threatening complications occur.

Educational requirements

A registered nurse license is required; Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support certifications are required; certification is available from the American Board of Perianesthesia
Nursing Certification.

Core competencies/skills needed

■ Excellent communication and assessment skills
■ Knowledge of cardiovascular and respiratory physiology and pathophysiology, and critical care concepts
■ Ability to make quick decisions regarding patient’s clinical condition and make urgent referrals to physicians
■ Ability to work under pressure
■ Knowledge of telemetry and ventilator management

Related Web sites and professional organizations

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■ American Society of Perianesthesia Nurses (
■ The Pre-Operative Association (

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