The Springer Publishing Company 2017 Nursing Salary Report

In April 2017, Springer Publishing Company e-mailed a link to an online survey that asked nurses about their career paths, specialties, ethnicity, and more. Some 1,631 nurses from all over the United States—and even a handful from outside the country—responded to the survey. The following is a summary of the results from this year’s Nursing Salary Survey.

  • 88.4% are employed full time
  • 41.8% work at a college or university
  • 55.7% have been at their current job for five or more years
  • 71.5% received a raise within the last year
  • 54.6% left their last job to pursue a better opportunity
  • 38.4% do not expect a raise this year
  • 17.6% say they are looking to leave their current job in the next year

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