Nursing is a demanding job and you’re probably looking forward to taking some time off this summer.

Summer is the time of year for backyard barbecues, lounging by the pool, and jetting off for a much-deserved vacation. With so much going on during the fleeting summer months, it’s easy to wreck your budget.

Here are a few budget-friendly ways to relax this summer.

1. Keep Food Costs Down

It’s easy for food costs to balloon up during summer. Who wants to cook in a hot kitchen when you can relax over a summer salad on a restaurant patio? However, lots of restaurant visits is a sure way to increase your food budget.

Consider stocking up on fresh produce at your local farmer’s market and trying out new delicious salad recipes at home. The prices are often cheaper than conventional grocery stores and visiting the farmer’s market is a fun, frugal outing and a great way to support local farmers.

Find other food staples at discount grocery stores such as Aldi or stock up at Costco. Enjoy dinner outside with friends and family in your own backyard or have a picnic at a local park.

2. Staycation

Staying close to home can save you hundreds of dollars this summer.

Grab a free local attractions guide from the library or grocery store and commit to doing something in your own hometown that you’ve never done. You may be surprised at all of the activities and events available that are a short drive away from your front door.

If you do venture further from home, be sure to calculate the cost of driving versus flying. The free online tool, Travel Math, will calculate and compare the costs of driving versus flying to your destination.

3. Simple Pleasures

Summer is a great season for celebrating the simple pleasures of life such as good weather, a bike ride, or a cool drink in hand while reading a juicy novel by the pool.

If you follow these tips, you’re sure to have a relaxing summer that will keep you and your budget happy.

What fun plans do you have this summer?

Denene Brox

Denene Brox

Denene Brox is a Kansas City-based freelance writer.
Denene Brox

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