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Our Nurse of the Week is Krista Ryan, a nurse in the heart attack unit at Advocate Christ Medical Center, who was working out at her local gym when she saw a man fall off his treadmill. She has been credited with saving the man’s life, who says he is grateful to be alive after suffering a heart attack.

Ryan saw Henry Gnaidek, 66, lying motionless on the floor while his treadmill continued spinning. She knew something was seriously wrong when he didn’t get up after a few moments. Ryan checked for a pulse and couldn’t find one, so she immediately started CPR and called for someone to find an AED.

After hooking Gnaidek up to an AED machine, he quickly regained consciousness a few minutes later. Gnaidek was transported to the hospital where his doctors found two blocked arteries caused by coronary artery disease.

Gnaidek had undergone heart bypass surgery last fall due to coronary artery disease and his doctors thought his heart was in the clear until he collapsed at the gym. He had a second surgical procedure to insert a stent into his heart to open the blockage, but did not suffer any permanent damage due to the incident.

To learn more about Ryan’s lifesaving acts after seeing a man suffer a heart attack and fall off his treadmill at the gym, visit here.

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