Adelphi University welcomed high school students from all four years to join their flagship Pre-College Summer Programs – Introduction to Nursing, which allowed students to experience state-of-the-art clinical education and simulation labs, visit a local hospital to observe an open-heart surgery, and interact with faculty and staff in the College of Nursing and Public Health.

The program ran for two weeks in July, allowing high school students to experience what it’s like to work in the nursing field and decide whether it’s a career path they want to pursue. Adelphi follows a model of personalized education and their summer programs allow high school students to experience the model firsthand.

One student in particular, Jacob Rios, was able to explore his interest in nursing which was sparked by experiencing multiple health issues among his family. Rios, a senior from Cristo Rey New York High School, discussed his experience visiting a hospital with

“We got to see actual surgery happen, it was an open-heart surgery and we were watching through the window. We went to radiology and got to see how CAT scans work, how MRIs work, how X-rays work and we got to see babies in the pediatric ICU from really small babies to full term.”

The simulation labs were also popular with students in the program, inspiring high school students to pursue nursing degrees by giving them a real-life look into how the curriculum and a career in the field would feel. To learn more about Adelphi’s Pre-College Programs, visit here.

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