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Governor Spencer Cox signed the APRN Compact into law in the state of Utah on March 24, 2022. When implemented, the compact will allow an APRN to hold one multistate license with a privilege to practice in other compact states.

Through the APRN Compact, APRNs will have the ability to travel from state-to-state to deliver care or provide telehealth services across state borders in other compact states. This will increase patient access to high-quality care with the assurance that their practitioner has met rigorous uniform standards no matter where that care is provided.

Bill sponsor Sen. Curtis Bramble, commented, “It was my privilege to support APRNs in Utah and the important role they play in providing excellent care to our community. The passage of SB151 is significant because it will allow nurses from other states to practice in Utah without a lot of unnecessary bureaucratic red tape. We need these highly qualified health care professionals to live and work in Utah in order to address our growing population’s needs. This bill balances the urgent need for more health care workers while upholding high standards for training and safety.”

Utah is the third jurisdiction to have enacted the APRN Compact. North Dakota and Delaware enacted the compact in 2021. The APRN Compact will be implemented when seven states have enacted the legislation.

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