Dr. Lokelani Ahyo, a dedicated nurse educator from Yuma, Arizona, has committed to lifelong learning by recently attaining her sixth degree – a Bachelor’s in Psychology. At 52 years old, Dr. Ahyo, a mother of seven, is a nursing professor at Southern New Hampshire University and has accumulated an impressive academic background with two associate’s degrees, a bachelor’s, a master’s, and a doctorate.

In a recent interview, Dr. Ahyo expressed her excitement about achieving this milestone and described it as a stepping stone in her educational journey. Her family jokingly anticipates her next academic pursuit as she prioritizes personal and professional growth.

Daily Nurse is honored to recognize Dr. Lokelani Ahyo as Nurse of the Week for her dedication to patient well-being and lifelong learning.

Dr. Ahyo’s career in nursing began after the birth of her third son, inspired by a midwife who left a lasting impression. Despite the challenges of raising four young children, working full-time, and attending school full-time, she persevered and found a second passion in nursing education while working as an RN at Yuma Regional Medical Center.

As a nurse educator at Southern New Hampshire University, Dr. Ahyo has found a deep connection with her students and a profound sense of fulfillment in shaping them into skilled nurses. Her leadership as the chapter president of the Arizona Nurses Association further demonstrates her dedication to the profession and her commitment to its growth and development.

Driven by personal experiences, such as her son’s diagnosis of Schizoaffective Disorder, Dr. Ahyo has set her sights on a new frontier in nursing. Her pursuit of a degree in psychology is not just for personal growth but to better support young adults with mental health challenges. Her aspiration to contribute to a mental health practitioner program and address the national nursing shortage through her teaching is a testament to her forward-thinking and innovative approach.

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Dr. Ahyo’s story is a testament to the multifaceted opportunities within the nursing profession and the importance of continuous learning and growth in providing quality patient care.

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