The Decker School of Nursing at Binghamton University is giving telemedicine a big boost with the opening of the new Southern Tier Telemedicine and Mobile Health Research Development and Training Center. The center is the product of a joint effort between the Decker School of Nursing and Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Telemedicine brings healthcare to a patient via telecommunication and information technology without the patient having to travel. The Decker School of Nursing’s new center will help expand healthcare to local, rural, and remote areas in many different ways. Telehealth is not intended to replace clinical practice in a physical setting; it is simply intended to reach those individuals who don’t have access to care.

Ann Fronczek, assistant professor at the Decker School of Nursing, tells The University Network, “With the new Center, we are able to expand simulation and clinical experiences for students as well as offer opportunities for the local community to explore possibilities in telemedicine. We can expose students to telemedicine and technologies that they may or may not have a chance to experience during their clinical rotations.”

Decker’s new center has three fully functional telemedicine cart set-ups where students can practice assessments that are transmitted to another location. Students have been impressed by the virtual care that can be provided and have been providing positive feedback about their training at the center. The school is also working with hospitals in six surrounding rural communities to train their healthcare providers to help deliver high-quality care to underserved patients.

To learn more about the Decker School of Nursing’s new telemedicine center, visit here.

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