Nursing Side Gigs: Healthcare 911

Nursing Side Gigs: Healthcare 911

This is part of a monthly series about side gigs—nurses with interesting side jobs or hobbies. This month, we spotlight the host of Healthcare 911.

For the last four decades, Gail Trauco, RN, BSN-OCN, a grief mediator as well as the CEO of The PharmaKon LLC and Front Porch Therapy in Atlanta, Georgia, has worked in health care as a nurse and patient advocate. In 2015, though, she began to incorporate appearances on television on morning news and talk shows nationwide into her advocacy work.

Gail Trauco, RN, BSN-OCN

By the end of 2016, Trauco says that she had appeared on more than 60 morning news and talk shows across the country including ABC, CBS, the CW, FOX, and NBC.

That’s where she came up with the idea for Healthcare 911—three- to six-minute segments that take a look at specific health conditions and related solutions. Because of her longtime association with leading hospitals, university medical programs, and health care providers, Trauco says that she is uniquely qualified to bring this information to viewers.

Trauco writes and oversees the production of all of these segments, which now reach as many as 145 million homes in 210 cities nationwide. Viewers can see Healthcare 911 on its weekly spot on The Daily Flash TV show.

In 2019, Healthcare 911 won a Bronze Telly Award for Social Awareness, showing that it’s making a difference says Trauco.

Trauco has helped more than 5,000 families through health challenges. “My exposure to innovative treatments and continued involvement in clinical research allows me to provide a 360-degree view of what’s available in health care today,” she says.

Healthcare 911 features medical professionals as well as leading-edge healing protocols that can help millions of Americans. Guests on the segments represent various health care areas—from leading physicians and clinical trial experts to innovative product inventors and pharmaceutical companies.

“Healthcare 911 viewers will feel empowered to help themselves or a loved one more forward with new health care options and treatment,” says Trauco. “Every topic that will be covered on Healthcare 911 is something that I have learned as a nurse. My approach to patient advocacy comes from over 40 years of direct patient experience—from my time as an oncology nurse to present day, working with some or the world’s leading health care providers and medical experts.”

Nursing Side Gigs: Financial Blogger

Nursing Side Gigs: Financial Blogger

This is the first of a monthly feature about interesting side gigs or hobbies that nurses do outside of their full-time jobs.

By day, Lauren Mochizuki, RN, BSN, has been an ER nurse for more than a decade. But at night and during free time, she’s a successful financial blogger.

About eight years ago, Mochizuki began blogging about finances because she and her husband were tired of being in debt. She began writing her first blog,, to document and share their journey about becoming debt-free. They paid off $266,000.

You read that correctly — $266,000 of debt.  

After Mochizuki became debt free, she took a break from blogging because she and her husband had started their family. Last year, she began blogging again at so that she could inspire others to live a great life on a budget. 

“What I love most about blogging is similar to nursing: with both professions I have the chance to connect with others and make a positive difference,” says Mochizuki about her side gig.  

Mochizuki says that according to the Federal Reserve Board, 40% of Americans can’t cover a $400 emergency expense, and less than 40% of working Americans feel that they are on track for retirement. Because of this, she says that her goal “is to help others change the way they collectively think about money, how to spend their money, and save — so that they can enjoy life, and simultaneously be good stewards of their money.” About every other week, Mochizuki publishes a new article on finances.

“I feel like my nursing job and blogging complement each other. With nursing, I have learned how to be personable and to apply interventions to help my patients feel better. My nursing career has directly affected my blog because it has shaped me into a caring and problem-solving person that I am today,” says Mochizuki.

“The greatest reward of blogging, is receiving responses from individuals that I have made an impact to their lives. I feel incredibly fulfilled when I inspire someone to become debt free, and introduce them to a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this goal,” says Mochizuki. “Creating a community of like-minded people has also been another reward of blogging. I started the #debtfreecollective hashtag, and it’s been so fun to see all of the accomplishments and real-life issues that come up during one’s debt-free journey.”  

“I am a firm believer that anyone can achieve financial freedom if you are willing to work for it,” says Mochizuki. “There were many times when I doubted if my husband and I could pay off $266,000 of debt, but after consistently implementing everything we learned about money, we did it!” 

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