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You started out on your journey through nursing school starry eyed, young, and idealist; ready to save the world and make it a healthier place. You put in hours upon hours of studying, memorizing, and working hard on your clinicals, and finally you stand at your graduation, proudly accepting your well-deserved diploma; about to embark on your dream career path as an RN clad in your new nursing scrubs.

Yet, in real life it’s not always easy to keep that spring in your step and joy in your daily routine as a nurse working in a hospital or facility. The hours are long and the work is often grueling, making this not the ideal work situation for everyone. 

There are those who are competent and caring, yet feel stagnated and restricted in their nursing position. Others worked on the floor for years, and feel like they are ready for a change, yet still want to stay within the same line of work. They seek a job that allows for more flexibility in terms of schedule, or dare I say, they dream of someday being their own boss. If you thought being a registered nurse means you are stuck working under others at a facility, then think again, because this amazing possibility of being your own boss does actually exist!

There are several ways you can create a lucrative and fulfilling career, while still pursuing the dreams of your youth and utilizing your qualities and talents that make you the idealistic, young (at heart), and extremely caring nurse. One way to achieve this is by becoming a nurse entrepreneur and starting your own business. In your role as a nurse entrepreneur you can be self-employed, all while doing the work that you love — it’s a win-win!

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What work can be done as a nurse entrepreneur?

There are several career options in the world of nursing entrepreneurship. Choose one that fits your needs, personality, and personal preference, and start enjoying your independence today.

If you are unsure which direction you want to take with your new entrepreneurship, have no fear! Changes are always difficult, but the benefits that you will enjoy once everything is in place will far outweigh any hardship you had to deal with initially.

It may be a good idea to keep your current position and cut your hours if possible, while devoting the other hours to starting your own business. This will make the change less overwhelming, and will enable you to still generate income and benefits from your part time position to tide you over until your own business is all set up and running. This will also allow you to slowly figure out what will work best for you in a more relaxed manner, as opposed to feeling pressured to figure everything out quickly as you start your new life as an independent nurse

It’s also good to do some self-exploration and ask yourself which parts of your current position you enjoy most, or are passionate about. This will give you an idea which direction you would like to take with your business and what area you want to focus on. You may go through many ideas before you hit the one that feels right to you, but don’t worry, that is totally normal.

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Here are a few nurse self-employment ideas based on skills and areas of focus:

Nurse Coach

If you enjoy working one on one with patients by promoting wellness and helping those suffering from chronic diseases live their life to the fullest, then becoming a certified nurse coach might be the perfect job for you. A nurse coach focuses on promoting wellness by creating customized care plans for patients with chronic conditions or health related issues. They can also open wellness clinics or become holistic nurses. A holistic nurse is a licensed nurse who focuses on the mind, body, and spirit connection to promote wellness and good health.

Nurse Consultant

If you are good at analyzing situations, identifying problems, and coming up with solutions to resolve the issues, then a nurse consultant may be your calling. You can work independently and get contracted jobs with hospitals, health care facilities, or even insurance companies to help with internal audits in identifying billing fraud and other compliance issues.

Or you can also focus on a specific niche such as legal work and become a legal nurse consultant. A legal nurse consultant provides invaluable expertise and works together with a legal team in assisting the attorney with understanding medical terms, reading through medical records, and deciphering the medical jargon in medical-legal cases. A legal nurse is needed in medical malpractice cases, as well as personal injury lawsuits. They do not practice law, but fulfill a unique role in the legal process, assisting in bringing about a positive outcome of the case in favor of the client.

Nurse Educators

Are you someone that enjoys educating others in health and nursing information? Then becoming a nurse educator might the perfect job choice for you. There are several ways you can fulfill this important role. You can become a teacher or trainer who formally teaches in nursing school or a speaker who presents at educational seminars and presentations. Another option in the field of nursing education is becoming a nurse writer. If you enjoy putting pen to paper then this is a great option. There is always a demand for high quality nursing and health related articles written by registered nurses, and the pay can be quite good as well. 

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So, for all those nurses out there who feel stifled at their current job, there is hope for a brighter future by starting your own business. Do your research, put your feelers out, and see where you find yourself comfortable and enjoy the freedom of becoming a nurse entrepreneur, all while living the dreams of your youth.

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