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The Power of Critical Thinking

In the digital era of information—and often misinformation—a commitment to being a lifelong learner becomes critical to ensuring the well-being and safety for all, especially for those working in health care who have made an oath to protect their patients.

In our special education-themed issue, Julia Quinn-Szcesuil explores how nurses are changing the way they learn. Lectures and presentations are making way for more interactive, tech-based methods that allow nurses to be more actively engaged and fully absorb the information. Some credentialing centers, such as the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing and the Competency & Credentialing Institute, are even rethinking the way nurses earn and renew their certifications.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals have been forced to rethink their approach as well. Michele Wojciechowski reports on how virtual nursing is being used to effec-tively manage and improve patient care. Telehealth has undoubtedly transformed health care. During the worst of the pandemic, nurses were not only able to monitor numerous patients and their vital signs remotely and alert the bedside nurse if any-thing required attention, but also, they were able to connect virtually with patients sent home with pulse oximeters and oxygen concentrators.

Nearly two years later, we are still learning about the long-term effects of COVID-19. According to a University of Washington study, between 10-30% of patients exposed to the coronavirus are what they call “long-haulers.” Linda Childers speaks with nurses working in post-COVID clinics about the challenges this patient population faces.

And finally, Janice Phillips speaks with two prominent nurse leaders, NBNA President and CEO Martha A. Dawson and NCEMNA President Debra A. Toney, on the newly formed National Commission to Address Racism in Nursing and what they hope to accomplish.

Whether it’s enhancing your professional knowledge through certification to suc-ceed in your career or learning to identify your own unconscious biases to help fight systemic racism, it’s important that we continue on our journey of lifelong learning.

Megan Larkin

Megan Larkin


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