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For the 18th year in a row, Americans have rated the honesty and ethics of nurses highest among a list of professions that Gallup asks U.S. adults to assess annually.

In 2019 nursing once again topped the poll, with nurses ranking 19% ahead of engineers and 20% ahead of doctors. The results—85% of responses display regard for nurses’ honesty and ethical standards as “very high” or “high”—show that over four out of five Americans still regard nursing as the most trustworthy among the major professions.

Compared to other professions, the trust ranking for nurses is now 31% above police officers, 45% above clergy, and 57% above journalists in this year’s poll. Among the other professions included in the poll, there is finally some good news for members of Congress—who from last year’s 8% trust rating have leapt ahead to 12%. As a result, congressional representatives have been nudged out of last place for 2019 by car salespeople, who are now trusted by only 9% of Americans polled. For more details, visit the Gallup site.

Koren Thomas

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