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Many nurses are graduating around the holiday season, which means there can be a lot of crossover for holiday gifts for nurses and graduation gifts for nurses as well. Many people need help deciding what the perfect gift for someone can be. Luckily, at Daily Nurse, we’ve listed some of our favorite nurse-approved presents for our ultimate gift guide.

Gourmet Coffee

Many nurses regard coffee as their holy grail and the only reason they can get up and make it through their shifts. So why not treat them to a delicious cup? While gift cards to coffee shops are safe and popular, you can also opt for gourmet coffee beans. The best way to do this would be to go to a local coffee shop and see if they have beans available.

Gift Basket

A gift basket is an excellent option if you can’t decide on one specific gift and would instead opt to get a few small gifts. Putting together a gift basket adds an extra layer of thought and flexibility with options depending on your price range or the nurse’s preferences. Although gift baskets are highly customizable, some staples include bath salts and bombs, candles, fragrances, etc.

You can look on handcrafted specialty sites like Etsy  for more gift basket inspiration.

Event Vouchers

A lot of nursing-related gifts can get old and redundant quickly. Many nurses will tell you they prefer an experience or gift separate from their profession. While this is an understandable request, navigating it can take some work. 

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One of our favorite gift suggestions for nurses is an event voucher from sites like Groupon or even booking something directly on a business’s site. Whether it’s a facial and massage spa day, cooking class, or any other activity, it could be a great option. These gift suggestions are easy to customize for the nurse in your life, and experiences are sure to ensure your gift is memorable and greatly appreciated.

Nurse Gear

Sure, something that someone uses daily at work sounds a bit boring when it comes to gift-giving. However, giving someone something you know they will make great use of is also a safe bet. If you’re looking for a gift on the more practical side, here are some nursing gear gift recommendations that any nurse will surely appreciate.

1. Shoes

A new pair of shoes will always be appreciated by someone on their feet all day. Since nurses must rotate their shoes every other day, having multiple pairs is necessary. The best way to gift a nurse some new nursing shoes is to make sure you know their shoe preference or size (whether you glance at their current nursing shoes or ask) to ensure you gift them a pair just as comfortable as their current favorites.

Also, include the gift receipt in the box if they need to exchange it.

2. Insoles

Although shoes are often a great gift for nurses, they can also be a gray area for many people to venture into, as nursing shoes are a personal preference. If you still need to decide whether to opt for shoes, insoles can be just as effective an alternative if you’re looking to provide relief and comfort for a nurse on their feet all day. Some bestsellers like Dr. Scholl’s ® Extra Support Insoles and Walk Hero’s Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles.

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3. Compression Socks

Much like insoles, many nurses swear by a good pair of compression socks being their lifesaver. Compression socks are also the most affordable option between the insoles and shoes, so these can be a great budget-friendly option or even a stocking stuffer.

4. Nurses’ Multi-tool

While a nursing multi-tool isn’t what comes to mind when you think of a fun gift, nursing tools can be helpful to nurses on their shifts. A nursing multi-tool like Rocket offers includes an LED light, tape measure, tape holder, and scissors. And let’s face it, sometimes convenience can be the best gift.

Final thoughts

Of course, the nature of the most appropriate gift is up to you, but getting a good idea of some good gift ideas can help you jump-start your holiday shopping. Whether it’s a practical item that enhances their daily routine, a thoughtful gesture that acknowledges their hard work, or a token of relaxation to help them unwind, the right gift can make a significant impact.

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