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Health care is an ever-changing environment that requires new and experienced nurses alike to stay current in their practice. This can often feel impossible given the demanding schedule and complexity of patient assignments on a day-to-day basis, but the following tips can help you stay current.

Join a Professional Organization

Almost every specialty has a professional organization that can help you remain up-to-date on the latest changes in your practice. These groups also offer a plethora of resources designed to expand your networking opportunities and aid in ongoing education. With a membership, you will get full access to the organization’s resources and discounted prices to conferences and other events. You may also benefit from continuing education hours that are relevant to your practice and can be applied towards your license renewal.

Register for a Webinar

Webinars are an affordable yet high-quality option for furthering your education without the cost and inconvenience of traveling. These live or recorded events are conducted by experts in their field and can be watched from anywhere at any time. The subjects matter is wide-ranging, and many webinars are free.

Attend a Conference

Conferences are put together by professional organizations and other networks so that leading influencers can speak, share the latest advancements, and network. If you are interested in conferences to further your knowledge base, contact your manager or leadership team. Many organizations offer funds to cover some or all of the expenses associated with attending a conference.

Staying current in your practice and keeping lifelong learning exciting isn’t that hard when you have the right resources in place.

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