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Family Practice & Counseling Network

This position, under the supervision of the Executive Director, will uphold the mission of FPCN by ensuring efficient operations of FPCN as a whole, integrating the goals of the organization with the operational systems, while maximizing the income of the system. This position coordinates, supervises and manages the development and implementation of efficient systems and operations across FPCN.

In addition, support FPCN’s commitment to the creation of a trauma-informed system of care that continually recognizes and responds to the impact of traumatic stress on all those who have contact with the organization, including children, adults, families, caregivers, and staff.


1. Supervise (including reflective supervision) and support the Network’s Center Directors
2. Develop and implement a robust marketing strategy for FPCN, in collaboration with the Center Directors, Department Directors and site-level outreach/community staff
3. Develop and implement a robust community engagement strategy for FPCN, in collaboration with the Center Directors and site-level outreach/community staff
4. Lead and support FPCNs Social Work program
5. Lead and support FPCNs Outreach & Enrollment program
6. Lead and support FPCNs programs, including but not limited to HIV, Family Planning, Independence Foundation, IBX, Community Health Workers (SUD funding)
7. Lead and support FPCN operations to ensure optimal systems and processes are in place
8. Support and promote interdepartmental communication and collaboration on network initiatives and teambuilding


1. Member of the Executive leadership team
2. Supervise the Center Directors
3. Coordinates with the Fiscal team on financial operations matters and the Department Directors on clinical program operations


1. Supports the needs of all departments/health centers in the pursuit of excellence in care for patients
2. Facilitates collaborative decision making processes that integrate all departments of FPCN
3. Assists in meeting Grant obligations; create/supply reports when applicable
4. Coordinates and ensures adherence to quality standards across FPCN to ensure the delivery of high quality services across all departments
5. Assists in the development and implementation of FPCN policies and procedures
6. Assists in FPCN growth, long-term planning and sustainability processes to carry forth FPCN’s mission into the future;
7. Coordinates with the Network Executive Director and Director of Human Resources and Engagement on staff engagement and retention
8. Assists in the creation, implementation, measurement and effectiveness of all grants/projects at the health centers
9. Assist in the development of Memorandums of Understanding for the Network
10. Coordinate and monitor FPCNs Outreach & Enrollment program, in collaboration with the site-level Outreach & Enrollment staff
11. Coordinates and monitors productivity expectations across FPCN and assists with developing and implementing actions plans, as necessary with department leads and practice managers
12. Assures the best contracts and prices for leased and purchased equipment
13. Coordinates with Human Resources and appropriate staff on resolving conflicts and grievances
14. Ensures compliance with HIPAA, OSHA, Federal, State and local laws & other regulatory agencies


1. Responds efficiently, fairly and empathetically to patients and staff grievances
2. Expand and maintain relationships in city or county-wide committees, partnerships related to healthcare and FQHCs
3. Maintains exemplary customer service throughout FPCN and coordinates trainings as needed
4. Attends and assists in public relation efforts for all related communities/counties
5. Attends and participates in/on community/county committees and advisory boards
6. Maintains appropriate relationships with landlords or regulatory agencies of designated sites; as requested by supervisor

• Support FPCN’s commitment to the creation of a trauma-informed system of care that continually recognizes and responds to the impact of traumatic stress on all those who have contact with the organization, including children, adults, families, caregivers, and staff.
• Demonstrate cultural competence/proficiency in interactions with others by treating co-workers, colleagues and those receiving service with respect and fairness at all times and assist in fostering a culture that promotes racial equity
• Build and maintain positive and professional relationships based on respect, trust, and safety.
• Demonstrate exemplary problem-solving, communication, interpersonal, and conflict resolution skills.
• Work effectively as a team member
• Seek feedback and encourage collaborative input in decisions
• Work in an open office environment.
• Highly responsible and reliable as well as courteous
• Exemplary organizational skills and ability to prioritize
• High skill in operating personal computer utilizing word processing, spreadsheets, databases and e-mail
• perform public relations and public speaking in a professional manner
• Maintain confidentiality
• Competently supervise, coach and develop staff with varied educational and experiential background


Master’s Degree in Nursing, Business Administration, Public Health or a related field with five (5) years of management experience in a healthcare related industry preferred. Knowledge of federally qualified health centers/community health centers operations preferred, excellent written and verbal communication skills and exhibit behaviors that align with RHD/FPCN’s organizational values, mission, and beliefs.

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