Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute

Department: Office of the Chief Engagement and Dissemination Officer

Reports to: Senior Clinical Advisor

*Cover Letter Requested*

Position Summary

The Program Officer for Engagement, Dissemination, and Communications will support the program through development and oversight of activities necessary to research topic development and evidence product development essential to PCORI and PCORI’s stakeholders. The Program Officer is experienced with clinical care, health systems, clinical research, and research synthesis. The Program Officer will lead horizon scanning activities and evidence product development activities (e.g. technology briefs, evidence maps, slide decks, presentations). The Program Officer will work closely with senior staff in the Engagement Program in all aspects of his or her work. Activities include working with outside stakeholders to determine stakeholder priorities for research topic development, areas ripe for horizon scanning, and areas of immediate need for which a short-term evidence product development would be beneficial. The Program Officer will develop statements of work for contracts that will meet the requirements of the stakeholder assessments, liaison with PCORI’s Science Department, and work with Procurement to select meritorious contractors for the work. The Program Officer will then oversee the contractor’s work to provide insight on PCORI’s needs and requirements as well as to ensure timely completion of quality products. In addition, the Program Officer will provide expertise to other programs in Engagement, Dissemination, and Communications, and represent PCORI publicly in speaking and writing. The position is located in Washington, DC.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Work with stakeholders Engagement and Science staff to determine priority topics for which research or evaluation of the current literature could contribute to improved decision making and improved patient outcomes in health care.
Oversee contractors’ work in developing informational products on health care interventions, and in development and conduct of a horizon scanning program that will evaluate early research that has potential to be transformative in health care. This work will include developing requests for proposals, reviewing contract applications, and oversight and review of the contractors’ work to ensure timeliness and accuracy.
Represent PCORI through writing and public speaking.
Provide consultation as necessary to other PCORI staff on ongoing activities and areas of the incumbents’s expertise.
Assist with placing PCORI research findings in the context of the broader body of evidence related to specific findings, through familiarity with the clinical literature and ability to access relevant systematic evidence reviews.

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