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We believe highly skilled and specialized nursing care is essential to Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s mission of quality in patient care, education and research.  We are responsible for patient-centered, high quality, cost-effective nursing care for all patients and their families.

We believe nursing is an applied art and science focused on helping people, families and communities reach excellent health and well-being.  This includes preventive health care, education, facilitating recovery and support through illness, disability or death. Professional nurses work with physicians and others to ensure comprehensive patient care.

Our guiding philosophy recognizes the inherent worth, dignity and uniqueness of every person.  We involve patients and their families in decisions about their health, and we help them reach their top level of wellness.

We believe in constantly improving patient care, being quick to adapt our practices, and being flexible.  We believe in the concept of Shared Governance whereby staff collaborate on nursing practice and the clinical work environment.  We strive to communicate clearly, recognize nursing staff for excellence, and recruit and retain talented staff.

We believe research is vital for advancing clinical practice.  As we evaluate ourselves, we improve patient care and add to our knowledge.  We offer opportunities for advanced professional education and personal growth, which leads to better quality in nursing.  We foster innovation by working with leaders in other disciplines to improve our patients’ health.  We believe the future of nursing is in the synergy between service and education.  We are responsible for educating patients, families, nursing peers, colleagues and students.

Each nurse is a role model of quality professional practice.  We are accountable for our practice, and we strive to exceed professional standards and ethical codes.  We welcome the challenge of providing high-quality nursing care as members of a leading health care community.

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