Johns Hopkins School of Nursing (JHSON) Professor and Associate Dean for Community Programs and Initiatives Phyllis Sharps, PhD, RN, FAAN, was recently awarded the Diversity in Nursing Award from Modern Healthcare. It is one of the 2018 Excellence in Nursing awards in honor of Sharps’ commitment to advancing diversity in nursing.

Sharps tells, “I am humbled to be acknowledged for my contribution to such an important topic within nursing and the world. My career has offered me many opportunities to stand for diversity, and I will continue to advocate for the innovation, inclusivity, and excellence that comes from the power of diverse populations.”

Throughout her career, Sharps has focused on supporting diversity in her work as a researcher, educator, mentor, and clinician. She consults on integrating cultural competency into studies on African-American communities and has published research on workforce diversity, mentorship of African-American nursing students, and ethnic and cultural representation in research.

Sharps leads JHSON’s health improvement efforts in Baltimore and its surrounding communities, directing two nurse-led community health centers, providing care to homeless women exposed to violence, and working with students to promote public health interventions like HIV counseling. Sharps has also been honored for her work in the past with the Johns Hopkins University Diversity Recognition Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award in Education and Research from the Association of Black Nursing Faculty.

To learn more about Phyllis Sharps and her recent Diversity in Nursing Award, visit here.

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