Patricia Davidson, PhD, MEd, RN, FAAN, Dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing (JHSON) was awarded the 2016 Australian Museum’s Eureka Prize for Outstanding Mentor of Young Researchers. Considered one of Australia’s most prestigious scientific awards, Davidson is the first nurse to ever receive the honor.

Awarded annually by the Australian Museum, the awards are a comprehensive accolades of Australian science showcasing excellence in research and innovation, leadership, school science, and science communication. Nursing is gaining traction as a STEM field for its roots in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), and has been recognized by the Museum for its ties to the larger scientific community.

As Dean of the No. 1 accredited graduate nursing school program (as ranked by US News & World Report), mentoring is essential to Davidson, connecting her with her leadership and vision for JHSON and the nursing profession as a whole. Davidson is an expert in cardiac health for women and vulnerable populations. She has mentored more than 35 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, many of whom had a focus on cardiovascular and chronic care. In addition to her role at JHSON, Davidson is Counsel General for the nonprofit International Council on Women’s Health Issues, part-time faculty at the University of Technology Sydney, and ranked nursing’s most influential dean by Mometrix in 2015.

Davidson says the Australian Museum Award is a wonderful recognition and she is honored to have been selected. For Davidson, mentoring gives her the opportunity to see others grows and provides a source of immense satisfaction in giving back to her profession and helping guide the next generation of nurses. As Dean of JHSON, creating nurse leaders is part of her commitment to global equity in health care. To change the trajectory of health across all populations, Davidson wants to be able to show nurses what it means to be a leader and then help them discover what it will take to get there.

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