Kara George, BSN, recently received a DAISY Award for exceptional nursing skills and patient care from Sparrow Clinton Hospital in St. Johns, MI. George began working at Sparrow Clinton Hospital eight years ago, joining the Inpatient Nursing team where she quickly became a valued employee by co-workers and patients.

George found her passion for nursing after losing her mother in a tragic car accident at 19. She went on to earn her nursing degree from Clarkson College, affiliated with the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Nominated by her patients who praised her for her kindness, listening skills, and calming demeanor, her DAISY Award is well deserved. Showing her passion for her profession, George told Fox47News.com,

“Helping patients and their families through the healing process is part of the circle of life. When you care for a patient and you receive that first ‘thank you’ – that’s when you realize how awesome it is to be a Nurse.”

The DAISY Award is an international program celebrating extraordinary nurses for their compassionate and skillful care. For more information about the DAISY Foundation and nominating a nurse from your own hospital, visit here.

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