Our first ‘Nurse of the Week’ is Mimi Greeley. Mimi was a Military Nurse and was recently featured in the March 3rd issue of the New York Times. Mimi grew up in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and attended nursing school at New York Hospital. She worked at Fort Devens in Massachusetts and was shipped out to help take care of WWII soldiers in 1943. Despite a chaotic working environment, she reminds us to enjoy your work and your nursing camaraderie.

‘I hope you brought your sense of humor.Yes, I saw J.F.K. with no pants on.’

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More Nursing News

  • This week’s ‘Nurse of the Week’ is Emi Spivey. After witnessing two motorcycle accidents in Omaha, Emi rose to the occasion to help motorcyclists who were hit by cars in her community. Emi, a nurse practitioner, stopped her vehicle and reassured the fallen bikers that help was on the way.…

  • This week’s ‘Nurse of the Week’ is Amber Boyd. Amber is a Pediatric ICU Nurse and was recently featured onToday.com. Amber was the primary nurse for a newborn named Nicole who suffered from omphalocele, a rare abdominal wall defect in which the intestines, liver, and occasionally other organs remain outside of the abdomen. Nicole became a ward of…

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