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Nightingale College has announced the expansion of its blended-distance bachelor degree nursing program to Colorado Springs and Boulder, Colorado. Nightingale College is a fully accredited distance learning nursing school, and enrollment is now open for the fall semester in both locations.

Nursing demand is high, especially in the state of Colorado, with an average wage for a Colorado RN of $72,570. Nurses with a BSN average more than $86,000 annually. The nursing shortage in Colorado is expected to be even further impacted by a 29 percent growth in Colorado’s 65-and-over population between 2010 and 2015. Many nurses are also nearing retirement, with 35 percent of the state’s nurses over age 55.

Nightingale College has created a unique approach to distance learning through a Dedicated Distance Cohort (DDC) Model, which combines local experiential learning with online coursework to equip the next generation of nursing professionals. The college partners with healthcare networks that dedicate space for an experiential learning hub where students can practice their nursing skills through simulations. Nightingale College offers a 32-month Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) blended-distance program designed for quick access with three starts per year.

Jonathan Tanner, Vice President of Partnerships for Nightingale College, tells, “Nightingale College specializes in providing solutions to nursing shortages for rural and underserved communities. We are excited to offer our nursing programs in Colorado.”

To learn more about Nightingale College’s new distance learning nursing programs opening in Colorado Springs and Boulder this coming fall, visit here

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