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Jimmy Kimmel had a very special surprise for Metallica fan Tracy Bednar, a Long Island pediatric nurse who has been treating children afflicted by COVID-19. Kimmel, who interviewed Bednar in one of his Healthcare Heroes segments, discussed the stressful nature of her job and asked what she does to relax.  Bednar mentioned golf and yoga, but admitted that after her shift ends, “the best thing I do [to unwind] is… I play my radio really, really loud” during the 45-minute commute back home from the hospital. What does she like to listen to? Her favorite band is Metallica, and the song she loves most is “Enter Sandman.”

Her Metallica fandom, Kimmel responded, was known to him, because “we’ve been spying on you.” As it transpired, Kimmel’s “spies” are well-connected, and the late-night host managed to treat Bednar to a virtual meet’n’greet with Lars Ulrich. Ulrich remarked, “When I heard the words ‘golf’ and ‘yoga,’ obviously the third word in that [series]—the third basic food group would be Metallica…. And as a father of three, I can’t thank you enough for what you do…”

To see the entire interview, visit the video on YouTube.


Koren Thomas
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