Our Nurse of the Week is Maureen Moore , a dialysis nurse and clinical manager at Fresenius Kidney Care who chose her career path after her own battle with an aggressive kidney disease. Now, she’s using her own experiences as a patient to help her patients.

Moore was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy at 25 years old, a kidney disease that can lead to kidney failure. Her husband had recently joined the military, causing Moore to move just as she started to experience complications due to her kidney disease. At her first follow-up appointment, Moore was told that she was in kidney failure and needed to start dialysis immediately.

Her husband was deployed to Afghanistan at the same time, so Moore began dialysis treatments on her own away from friends and family. Although the experience was difficult, Moore found strength in the nurses and medical professionals who cared for her.

Moore’s family eventually helped move her back to Alabama to continue her dialysis treatments near family until she was able to get a kidney transplant. After receiving a transplant and gaining her health back, Moore decided to go to nursing school and become a dialysis nurse. Her own journey enables her to relate to and connect deeply with her patients because she truly understands what they’re going through.

Moore tells KDHNews.com, “For me and my patients it’s amazing because I can actually relate with sitting with them in the chair. I can go to them and tell them ‘You know what, I know what this is like.’”

To learn more about Maureen Moore’s journey from kidney failure to dialysis nurse, visit here.

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