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Our Nurse of the Week is Emma Strong, a University of Georgia (UGA) nursing student who pulled over to help the victims of a vehicle crash. Strong was assisted by two others, Vicki Bishop and Michael Derricotte, and all three citizens of Athens, GA were later recognized for their lifesaving efforts.

After two vehicles engaged in a head-on collision that resulted in one of the vehicles catching fire and a child who had stopped breathing, Strong and the others knew they had witnessed a very serious accident. Bishop, a nurse, began performing CPR on the child until emergency services arrived while Derricotte, a husband and father, pulled the injured driver out of the inflamed vehicle. Strong jumped in to help jam open a car door to rescue the people inside.

Strong is also CPR certified and recalls that the main thing running through her mind at the scene was thankfulness for her CPR training. She tells, “I knew that they needed my help, so I brushed my fear aside and sprang into action.”

Following the incident, Strong, Bishop, and Derricotte were all recognized by the mayor and the local fire and emergency services chief. Members of a community are often the first ones to arrive at the scene of an emergency, and they deserve recognition for the lifesaving acts they perform while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

To learn more about UGA nursing student Emma Strong’s experience helping the victims of a vehicle crash, visit here.

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