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Our Nurse of the Week is Beverly Lyne, a retired nurse who decided to take action and travel to the US-Mexico border in order to help migrant families after news of the death of two young children who were in US border custody shelters hit her hard.

Lyne tells, “They’re just people wanting to live their lives without fear of their children being kidnapped and trafficked, without their land being taken away from them.”

Lyne is no stranger to humanitarian crises and her medical career has taken her to places like Haiti, Nicaragua, and Uganda in the past. After seeing a caravan of Central Americans living in tents and running from tear gas, she wanted to see for herself what was going on and how she could help.

After arriving, Lyne worked with the human rights group Border Angels, handing out supplies and offering medical care. She also witnessed firsthand how children weren’t getting the nutrition they need. After her experience volunteering with families at the border, Lyne says more has to be done to help these families, like sending medical specialists to evaluate the children.

Lyne hopes her presence will spread new perspective on both sides of the border and hopes migrant families have seen a different side of Americans after their interactions with her. To learn more about retired nurse Beverly Lyne who traveled to the US-Mexico border to help migrant families, visit here.

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