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Our Nurse of the Week is Seth Cobb, a nursing student at the University of Arkansas (U of A) who is using his position on campus to encourage a sense of community among fellow veterans.

Cobb’s calling to become a nurse began when he was an Army medic with the 82nd Airborne Division. After four years in the Army, Cobb decided to move home to Arkansas and pursue his passion. He says his military service taught him that building a bright future requires initiative. Cobb still remains part of the military, serving in the Individual Ready Reserves.

Cobb tells, “My service as a medic cemented that dream and showed me that I had found what I wanted to do with my life. I have never gotten as much fulfillment from life as I did when helping my fellow soldiers through medicine.”

In his second semester of nursing school, Cobb faced unexpected circumstances that nearly forced him to drop out. In 2019, a family member facing an urgent financial hardship forced Cobb to start working full time to help. But then he was awarded the Mike and Cindy Bonds Advance Arkansas Scholarship that same month, allowing him to refocus on schoolwork and his dream of becoming a nurse.

Now, Cobb is helping others on the U of A campus. He’s the president of the Razorback Student Veterans organization, which helps student veterans transition to civilian life. Cobb is especially focused on connectivity and service, inspired by the high suicide rate among veterans. He is committed to growing a rich community among the veterans at U of A and in their local community, to ensure a support system for his fellow veterans.

According to, Cobb stated in a press release: “We aim to alleviate some of their challenges by providing a peer group they can relate to, while also giving them an outlet to continue the service they built their lives on in the military though volunteering and service projects here at home.”

To learn more about Seth Cobb, a nursing student at U of A who is using his position on campus to encourage a sense of community among fellow veterans, visit here.

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