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Nurse Notebook

Pandemic Response: A Litmus Test of Great Leadership

By: Sharon Jackson, MSN, RN, NE-BC

Presence – are you in motion – at the forefront of the battle or are you at the back – giving orders? Are you…

Attuned to the call of the moment or tone – deaf to the harsh realities facing the nation? Are you an authentic, thoughtful leader?

Newel – are you the stronghold or the collapsing handrail? Are you so concerned about what people has to say about you that it is crippling you from making a stand? Are you all…

Dictum but no deeds.

Entrapped by position or title, hence, you always err on the side of caution. Remem-ber, these are not qualifiers of excellence. They are mere platforms. Excellence stems from within, not from without.

Moral fiber – the need to be resolute. Do you have it? Know that anything significant is up hill not down dale. To win this war without a tussle is to win it without honor.

Indelible mark – great leaders strive to make an impact, not to impress.

Create a shift in thinking, processes, approaches, and protocols. Alternatively, are you just going to drift away with societal conventions and pale into insignificance because you are too timid to make waves?

To all the leaders out there – are you on a leader shift mode or a drift mode? This is a call for REAL leaders – to make a shift and make a difference. Strive to be vital, act!

Sharon Jackson,MSN,RN,NE-BC

Sharon Jackson,MSN,RN,NE-BC

John C. Maxwell Certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer

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