A new model for educating nurses developed by the Rutgers School of Nursing-Camden, called the Innovative Health Equity Program, has won the university the 2018 Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Innovations in Professional Nursing Education Award.

The Innovative Health Equity Program seeks to promote health equity for underserved Latino and immigrant populations by strengthening Spanish language skills among future health care professionals. The ACCN’s Innovations in Professional Nursing Education Award recognizes the outstanding work of AACN member schools to re-envision traditional models for nursing education and lead programmatic change.

Donna Nickitas, dean of the Rutgers School of Nursing-Camden, tells News.Camden.Rutgers.edu, “Health professionals must be able to serve diverse communities, which is why Rutgers-Camden created this innovative program. We are gratified that the AACN has recognized this exemplary program and its potential to elevate the health of all of our communities.”

Rutgers’ health equity program was developed with the support of a $600,000 grant from the US Department of Education’s International and Foreign Language Education office. Projects nominated for the AACN innovation award must have the potential for replication and dissemination, involve cross-disciplinary teams, and demonstrate advancement of professional nursing education.

To learn more about the Rutgers School of Nursing-Camden receiving the AACN’s Innovations in Professional Nursing Education Award, visit here.

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