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A new survey conducted by AMN Healthcare, BE Smith, and The Center for the Advancement of Healthcare Professionals in 2017, surveyed 223 nurse leaders about the impact of the nationwide nursing shortage on their organizations. Survey participants included chief nursing officers (CNOs) and other nurse leaders like chief nurse executive, director of nursing, clinical nurse leader, etc.

According to Becker’s Hospital Review, 80% of CNOs believe nurse shortages are negatively affecting patient care and staff morale at their organizations. They also project that nursing shortages will worsen in the future.

In regards to the nursing shortage, the survey found that:

  • 72 percent of CNOs described the nursing shortage at their organizations as moderate, signifiant, or severe. Only 7 percent said there was no shortage at all
  • 30 percents of CNOs expect the nursing shortage at their organization to worsen in the next year
  • The majority of CNOs don’t think their organization’s nursing shortage will change in one year

In regards to nurse recruitment, the survey found that:

  • 80 percent of CNOs reported that their organization had moderate, significant, or severe difficulty in recruiting nurses
  • CNOs said lack of access to high-quality talent and their organization’s location are primary contributing factors to difficulty in recruiting nurses

In regards to patient care and nurse morale, the survey found that:

  • 80 percent of CNOs said staffing shortages at their organization have a slight, considerable, or great negative impact on patient care

To learn more about the survey results, visit here.

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