Nursing Side Gigs: Bookkeeper/Small Business Advisor

Nursing Side Gigs: Bookkeeper/Small Business Advisor

This is part of a regular series about side gigs—nurses with interesting side jobs or hobbies. This month, we spotlight a nurse who is a bookkeeper and small business advisor.

Cheree M. Hill, BSN, RN, MBA

Cheree M. Hill, BSN, RN, MBA

In a little over a month, it will be that time of year again—tax time. That’s why we decided to have this month’s side gig focus on Cheree M. Hill, BSN, RN, MBA, a bookkeeper and small business advisor and owner of Tranquility Bookkeeping Services, LLC.

Although she still works as a nurse—and just finished working a contract with CVS as a vaccination nurse—Hill has her own bookkeeping business. She took time with us to talk about it.

How did you get into being a bookkeeper and small business advisor on the side? How long have you been doing it? Why did you get into it? 

I got into bookkeeping in 2017. I have always longed to start my own business. I have started multiple businesses, first catering to new and expectant mothers. During that time, I had to do my own accounting. I used the skills I learned while obtaining my MBA to do the bookkeeping. At that time, I was using QuickBooks and wanted to make sure I was using it correctly. So, I reached out to a ProAdvisor who was charging $85/hr. At the time, I didn’t know that helping people with their bookkeeping was a viable option.

My other businesses didn’t last but I always wanted to work for myself. I eventually came upon Bookkeeper Launch, which shows individuals how to start their own bookkeeping business. It was at that time I decided to use my MBA and start a business helping other business owners.

Explain to me briefly what you do as a bookkeeper/small business advisor. Did you have to get additional training/education to do it? What types of businesses do you serve?

As a bookkeeper and small business advisor, I help business owners track their income and expenses and turn them into clear cut financial statements, which allows the business owner to analyze them and make solid financial decisions. I use the financial data to advise my clients on business decisions such as purchases, hiring, advertising, etc. I also advise them on systems to use in their business for maximum efficiency.

I serve service-based businesses. However, my niche is private practice owners. I would love to serve nurse practitioners in private practice.

What do you like most about working as a bookkeeper/small business advisor? 

I love numbers! And I love educating and empowering small business owners to take charge of their finances.

What are your biggest challenges in your side gig ? What are your greatest rewards?

My biggest challenge sometimes is getting the messaging out to the right business owners. Many business owners are not experts in accounting and are in need of services like mine. It makes me proud when a business owner tells me that money or finances feel “less daunting” after speaking or working with me.

If someone wanted to get into the type of side gig you’re doing, what steps would you tell them to take?

If this is not your background, take a course like Bookkeeper Launch. It provides you with the bookkeeping skills as well as lessons on how to run a successful business.