The 2018 Nurse Salary Survey Results Are Here!

The 2018 Nurse Salary Survey Results Are Here!

The 2018 Nurse Salary Survey Results Are Here!

In Spring 2018, Springer Publishing Company surveyed nurses to better understand their career paths, specialties, ethnicity, and more. Some 1,441 nurses from all over the United States responded to the survey.

Explore the Nurse Salary Survey results in the following categories:

Salary by Region — This year, nurses broadly reported earning a median of $75,000. On a regional level, salaries differed by as much as approximately $20,000.

Salary by Education Level — Nurses with bachelor’s degrees took home a median $71,000 and those with master’s degrees made $90,000.

Salary by Main Role — The majority of respondents said they spend most of their day on patient care, but others were involved in administration or research, across a variety of large and small employers.

Salary by Specialty — The five most common specialties this year were Oncology, Family Nurse Practitioner, Critical Care, Medical-Surgical, and Pediatrics.

Salary by Employer — The best-paying employers were walk-in clinics, colleges or universities, private hospitals, and private practices.

Salary by Ethnicity — When broken down by ethnicity, additional differences in pay by region arose. Out West, Asian nurses reported taking home a median of $100,000, while Hispanic nurses there reported receiving $77,000, and White nurses $83,000. Salaries in the South also differed among ethnicities.

Salary Highlights — The majority of nurses received a raise within the last year and expect another 1-2% increase this year.

You can view the report to see a summary of results from this year’s Nursing Salary Survey here.