Nurse Mary Ann West Helped Deliver Son’s Wife 22 Years Ago

Nurse Mary Ann West Helped Deliver Son’s Wife 22 Years Ago

Nurse Mary Ann West didn’t know it then, but in June 2001, she would help deliver her future daughter-in-law.

West, a labor and delivery nurse at Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful, Utah , was the first to welcome Kelsey into the world, weighing in at 6 lbs. 6 oz. Then, she handed the beautiful newborn to her mother, Stacy Poll.

Little did she know that her son, Tyler, and Kelsey would begin dating in 2021, get engaged in February 2023, and get married on May 25.

Daily Nurse is proud to honor Mary Ann West as our Nurse of the Week for delivering her future daughter-in-law and mother of her grandchildren-to-be 20 years ago.

Kelsey’s mom, Stacy Poll, was nervous throughout the hospitalization during Kelsey’s delivery and overwhelmed by having three children under the age of three and working full time. West, a mother of three, related to Poll and offered comforting advice.

She had given birth to her third child, Tyler, a year earlier.

“I’d had Tyler the year before, and he was my third [child],” West says. “I told Stacy about that and how my kids had reacted to their new little brother. ‘You’ve got this, girl,’ I told her. ‘You can do this.’ We bonded over that, which helped her become more relaxed.”

Fast forward to 2023. Kelsey and her then-finance Tyler were looking through baby pictures for their wedding video when he recognized who was holding her at the hospital.

“I turned around and was like, ‘That’s definitely my mom,’” he says. “That was a really cool, big shock to us when we found that out.”

And Kelsey’s birth documentation confirmed it.

“That’s definitely her handwriting,” Tyler says.

“It’s like I had both of my moms in the room with me when I was born,” Kelsey says. “That’s something that’s really touching.”

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