Prepare for the Nursing Job Market

Prepare for the Nursing Job Market

Prepare for the Nursing Job Market

Nursing programs are preparing future nurses for whatever task or challenge they will run into on the job. But these programs aren’t necessarily providing students with the information and tools necessary for navigating the nursing job market. Luckily, Springer Publishing has partnered with Acadiate to walk students and academic faculty alike through steps for career success.

We invite all nursing program leaders, school deans, professors, faculty and students currently enrolled in nursing programs to register for our webinar. How to Help Your Nursing Students Succeed in the Job Market takes place on January 31, at 2pm EST. This webinar is part of Springer Publishing’s new series, Nurse Your Career, hosted by David Murdoch and Zane Westmoreland.

What Can I Expect to Learn?

Throughout the webinar, participants will learn several emerging strategies that nursing programs can adopt to help nurses see greater success after graduation. The webinar hosts will also discuss how increased preparation influences increased enrollment, student retention, learning outcomes, and overall student satisfaction.

Participants are encouraged to ask questions throughout the presentation, to take advantage of the hosts’ knowledge and skills. Afterward, participants will also be able to continue learning through the Acadiate cluster after the discussion. Acadiate cluster users can choose to share their profiles with exclusive nursing employers and graduate programs.

What If I Want to Watch It Again?

The webinar will be available to view again later, on the DailyNurse YouTube channel, if anyone wants to revisit their notes or questions from this session. Curious about what our webinars are like? Check out our most recent presentation, Beyond the Nurse Resume: Communicate Your Value in 2019, on YouTube now.

Registration is open now for How to Help Your Nursing Students Succeed in the Job Market. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for January 31 at 2 pm EST to take advantage of this amazing learning opportunity! We look forward to helping you grow and succeed in your nursing career.