George Washington University School of Nursing Outlines Steps to Raise Research Profile

George Washington University School of Nursing Outlines Steps to Raise Research Profile

The George Washington University (GW) School of Nursing has recently outlined a plan to raise its research profile and institute a “students-first” program. The university’s focus on collaborating and student input is the first step in the right direction toward advancing their research goals within the next three years.

GW Nursing’s strategic plan outlines publication goals for faculty and encourages collaboration between staff and faculty to lead a research-oriented culture in the nursing school. The school will also establish a research award given to a faculty member who considers diversity in their work through researching underrepresented populations or through service activities.

Pamela Jeffries, dean of the GW School of Nursing, tells GWHatchet.com, “Over the next three years and beyond, we will continue to build our research portfolio and provide support for our researchers within the school and their collaborators in order to continue to grow in our research profile, funding and stature.”

Additional steps to help raise the school’s research profile include implementing a policy task force to assess the school’s current administrative policies in order to see what needs to be updated or included. GW Nursing wants to ensure inclusive policies that will move the school toward its desired trajectory.

GW Nursing has also launched a well-being program to teach students how to cope with stress, and is working to diversity the student body to include more male and minority students in the female-dominated profession.

To learn more about GW Nursing’s newly outlined plan to raise the school’s research profile, visit here.