Veronica Pellegrino Unveils Groundbreaking Invention Set to Transform Nursing Workflows

Veronica Pellegrino Unveils Groundbreaking Invention Set to Transform Nursing Workflows

Veronica Pellegrino, a compassionate nurse at UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center , was deeply affected by the struggle to open countless safety-sealed pill packs for her patients. Realizing the toll it took on nurses’ efficiency and well-being, she embarked on a mission to develop a solution to alleviate their burden.

Through UCLA Biodesign’s support, triumphs in funding competitions like the UCLA Health Innovation Challenge, and collaboration with consultants to refine her business strategy and product development, Pellegrino is gearing up to launch her groundbreaking device, Popsy, later this year or in early 2025.

Acknowledging Pellegrino’s extraordinary contribution to nursing, Daily Nurse proudly names her Nurse of the Week for fostering creativity and entrepreneurship within the nursing community and addressing a critical need in the field to drive meaningful change in healthcare.

Pellegrino described the arduous process nurses face daily, meticulously unwrapping individual pills encased in layers of foil, paper, and plastic packaging using their nails, scissors, or makeshift tools. This labor-intensive and outdated method not only eats away precious time but also poses risks to nurses’ health, causing nail damage, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Driven by her firsthand experience opening 100-150 pills per shift, Pellegrino was determined to streamline and expedite this process. The result is Popsy, a device that promises to be up to 85% faster and more effective than traditional methods like scissors and pens, significantly reducing the risk of injuries at the bedside.

A survey among over 500 UCLA Health nurses revealed overwhelming support for a device like Popsy, with 93% expressing interest in using it if available. Extrapolating these responses to the national scale, Pellegrino estimates that Popsy has the potential to save millions of work hours for hospital nurses across the country annually.

Beyond the healthcare sector, Popsy’s versatility extends to other demographics, including seniors and individuals with hand function issues like arthritis. Customizable and user-friendly, Popsy presents a unique opportunity for nurses to personalize their experience, with the option to incorporate logos or brand identifiers.

Pellegrino’s journey to bring Popsy to fruition was marked by collaboration with UCLA Biodesign, where she served as an Accelerator Fellow, honing her design and market strategies. Noteworthy achievements in various pitch competitions secured vital non-dilutive funding exceeding $40,000, paving the way for Popsy’s imminent market entry.

As Pellegrino and her team continue to optimize production and acquire funding, they plan to leverage digital marketing, brand ambassadors, and loyalty programs to establish Popsy’s presence in the market. Through her unwavering dedication and resilience, Pellegrino is a shining example of how innovative ideas can transform into tangible solutions with the right support and determination.

Pellegrino’s inspiring journey underscores the importance of fostering creativity and entrepreneurship within the nursing community, empowering individuals to drive meaningful change in healthcare.

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