Travel Nurse across America (TNAA) recently announced their acquisition of competitor Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group. TNAA is a healthcare staffing agency that places travel nurses on assignments in all 50 states. Their acquisition will include Trinity’s facility-focused brand, Simpli Fi Managed Services.

A 2015 survey of healthcare staffing agencies from Staffing Industry Analysts listed TNAA as number 11 on a list of the largest US travel nurse staffing firms, and listed Trinity as number 17. After their acquisition is complete, TNAA will become one of the top 5 largest travel nurse staffing firms. TNAA CEO Gene Scott told, “It’s our mission to raise the bar on how the entire travel nursing industry services both nurses and client facilities. The cultures of both companies align so well with each other, it’s clear that our combined efforts will deliver this increased value.”

TNAA and Trinity have been two of the fastest-growing travel nurse staffing agencies in the industry and the joining of the two companies will supply travel nurses with more variety in their assignments and provide clients with a larger pool of qualified travel nurses.

To learn more about TNAA’s acquisition of Trinity Healthcare, you can view the press release here.

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