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The state of Wisconsin is facing a shortage of nurses due to an aging population, and the University of Wisconsin (UW) School of Nursing wants to help fill that gap with a new accelerated nursing program.

UW recognized a need for educating nurses more quickly, and began developing their accelerated program to help offset the critical nursing shortage in Wisconsin and across the country. The accelerated program will allow for nurses to be educated and graduate in one year as opposed to the two years a traditional program requires.

Karen Mittelstadt, UW School of Nursing assistant dean for academic affairs, tells, “The additional accelerated BSN students will help offset what is projected to be a shortage of registered nurses anticipated to grow to nearly 20,000 nurses in Wisconsin by 2035.”

The bachelor of science in nursing program at UW graduates 160 nursing students each year, and the accelerated program would allow an additional 32 nursing students to graduate per year. Students who qualify for the accelerated program must have already earned a bachelor’s degree, as well as completed nursing school prerequisites. The curriculum is based on traditional nursing programs with courses modified into an accelerated format.

To learn more about UW’s accelerated nursing program, visit here.

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