Low back pain is a common complaint among many health care professionals. With long hours on your feet, repeated bending, and twisting, it’s no wonder your spine is aching at the end of the day. If you’re looking for a fast, safe way to get some relief, a foam roller might be just the tool you need to release the tight tissues of your body and ease your discomfort.

Plus, foam rollers are reasonably priced and can be found online or at most stores that sell sporting goods. Although they come in different shapes, densities, and sizes, a basic, high-density foam roller is a great place to start to learn some beginning techniques and learn what feels best to you.

Here, I’ve rounded up three videos that will show you how to use a foam roller to reduce or eliminate your back pain.


1. 15-Minute Foam Roller Tutorial for Low Back Pain Relief

In this 15-minute video by YogiApproved.com, the instructor guides you through a variety of exercises that release and mobilize the spine. Verbal cues are given to help deepen the sensation you may feel or to back off if a movement is too intense. What makes this video unique from others is that the instructor combines foundational yoga postures with the foam roller to target hard-to-reach muscles that become taut and contribute to low back pain.

2. 4 TOP Foam Roller Stretches for a Healthy Spine by Bozeman, MT Sports Medicine Specialist

If you’re pressed for time, this short video by Pro Chiropractic showcases four stretches, which will keep your spine healthy by improving mobility and flexibility. Foam rolling lengthens muscles, increases circulation, and delivers nutrients to restricted areas of your body, even when you only have a few minutes to spare. Since these stretches require a minimal time commitment, there’s no excuse not to give your back a little TLC!

3. How To Massage Away Lower Back Pain with Foam Rolling

In this video, foam roller DVD creator, Michaela Sirbu, leads you through a gentle session to remove trigger points and knots in the muscles that support the spine. These exercises are useful for both the novice foam roller user and the expert. A few words of caution when using a foam roller: You don’t need to induce pain to release the tight tissues in your body. Most likely, it took a while for the muscle tension to accumulate, so it’s going to take you a bit of time to dissolve it. Also, don’t hold your breath when performing the stretches. A steady breath will relax your body, reduce stress, and optimize the benefits of the foam roller.

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