Expressing Yourself On Social Media Boosts Mental Health And Helps Your Fellow Nurses

Expressing Yourself On Social Media Boosts Mental Health And Helps Your Fellow Nurses

Did you know that social media is a nurse’s “secret” weapon to reduce stress and anxiety? Expressing yourself on social media is one way to boost your mental health so that you feel more energized in the classroom, work environment, and hospital.

Social Media Benefits Mental Health

You have a lot on your plate if you’re an RN or nursing student. It’s a tough job, and life can get in the way of your education. But, despite the stress, there are ways to relax, recharge, and reach your goals. This meme became famous after a nurse shared a TikTok that went viral. The nurse deleted her TikTok account, but she made the video for sharing how distressed she felt after losing a patient.

Common Ties & Connection

If you’re looking for a way to connect with your nursing community, share stories about your day and gain support in your field, social media is one great way to do so. Are you using social media to connect with fellow nurses? If not, this may be a worthwhile endeavor. But more than just improving professional relationships, social media can also be helpful for your overall mental health, and it can even lead to job opportunities.

Sharing Your Story

Nurses on social media share their stories daily and sometimes by the hour while at work. They are working to bring light to the hardships and struggles but often rewarding aspects of having a nursing career. Viral nurses showcase acts of empathy and willingness to help others online and in the field. It can be therapeutic to share your story and watch others share theirs. #NurseTok

Helping Fellow Nurses

As a nurse, you wear many hats. The most obvious being that of healer and caregiver. But you wear another hat that is equally important and integral to your work: Advocate. Social media can be a powerful tool for spreading awareness and support, especially regarding mental health. So next time you feel like unloading your frustrations on social media, do it! You might be preventing someone else from experiencing mental distress.

We all need to remember that we all deserve to take a moment to take care of ourselves, and using social media is one way we can do that. But, of course, it’s never a good idea to ignore your emotional needs, and there are plenty of ways that expressing yourself on social media can help. Will it be the only thing that you do to stay strong? Of course not. But it can be an essential part of the equation.

We hope to see more nurses sharing their mental health journey and stories on social media.