Gifts Nurses Want for Valentine’s Day

Gifts Nurses Want for Valentine’s Day

Gifts are one of the love languages for a reason- they bring us joy, even when we give someone else a gift, so if that someone in your life is a nurse, then think about surprising them with a gift this Valentine’s Day.

If you don’t know what to get them, that’s okay. Here are some quotes from nurses about gifts they would love to receive that can serve as inspiration.

Give Them Items They Need for Nursing

“Honestly, as much as I love receiving flowers, chocolate, and wine on Valentine’s Day, I wish someone would ask me what I need,” says Susan Gentile, a family nurse practitioner at ChoicePoint Health .

It may not sound romantic, but functional gifts can go a long way. Nurses’ schedules are often hectic. Practical gifts like scrub sets, comfortable shoes, or lanyards and badge holders can do their jobs much easier, according to Ivette Palomeque, BSN, RN, and travel nurse. 

“I would love to receive AirPods this year as they are becoming essential to my job,” says Susan. “If you are someone out there looking for a perfect gift for a nurse, give them AirPods, please. It will save them so much time and effort.”

Kelly, RN, a nurse practitioner student, also mentions that AirPods and headphones can be useful for nurses in school.

“I have the AirPods, and I use them when I feel like there’s still a lot of noise in the background when I’m trying to study.”

Don’t Forget About Gifts to Help them Relax

Even though practical gifts can be a lifesaver for nurses, think about gifts that help them take a break from their job. Chances are they’re tired thinking about their work after hours, so consider a gift that will help them forget about their day for a while.

“Since I’m working on Valentine’s Day, I would love to be treated to a spa day where I can get a massage or mani-pedi – something to help me unwind after a stressful day,” says Alice Benjamin, APRN, MSN, and Chief Nursing Officer & Correspondent for Nurse.org.

“A close second would be an invitation to a nice dinner. Because I work long hours, I’m often too tired to cook, so that would be a nice treat to have some great food without having to worry about cooking or dishes.”

If you’re thinking of a gift requiring less planning, think about gifts that make daily life easier for nurses. Dr. Caitlin Goodwin, RN, a certified nurse-midwife (CNM) consultant for Mom Loves Best, mentions how simple, useful products made a big difference in her sleep.

“The older I get, the harder it is for me to flip around the schedule. However, if I got called in at night or had to flip between day and night shifts- I had to utilize multiple tools to help me sleep!” says Dr. Caitlin. “For one, I fell in love with weighted blankets- they keep me cozy, decrease my anxiety, and help me stay asleep. During the day, I either need a sleep mask or blackout curtains to sleep deeply.”

What Valentine’s Day Gifts to Avoid?

Everyone is different, and depending on who you’re gifting, they may prefer you give them chocolates at home or a meal at their favorite restaurant. However, think about gifting them something that requires less upkeep and is tailored to their interests.

“The safest bet is to create a gift that somehow enhances our stress-relief experience,” says Ivette.

As long as you know what they like, then you’re bound to give them a gift that is true to them.