POCN, the largest network of Physician Associates (PAs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs), is honoring 2023 pioneers in healthcare through America’s Top Awards to recognize exceptional leadership through improved patient outcomes and peer community support, advancement, and education.

Nominations for the seventh annual awards, America’s Top PA (ATPA)  and America’s Top NP (ATNP), are now open.

POCN and the ATPA and ATNP Awards annually recognize outstanding PAs and NPs who demonstrate excellence in patient care and peer support.

Winners of America’s Top PAs and NPs will receive the following:

  • National recognition and press exposure for excellence in patient care and peer support
  • Ability to serve as an advisor to help advance educational programs for the NP/PA community
  • Reimbursement for a professional membership of their choice (up to $150)

“We are honored every year to host the America’s Top Awards. PAs and NPs are the fastest growing group in healthcare and have a tremendous impact on patient care, diagnosis, and treatment,” says Richard Zwickel, Founder and CEO of POCN. “These unsung heroes deserve to be recognized for their impact on their communities, underserved populations, and patients.”

The winners of the ATPA Awards will be announced in October to coincide with National PA Week (Oct. 6-12), and the ATNP Awards will be announced in November during National NP Week (Nov. 13-19). This year, there will be 15 ATPA and 15 ATNP Awards representing PA and NP contributions across various specialties.

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