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I have been fortunate to have supportive mentors to provide ongoing guidance, knowledge, and encouragement throughout my nursing career. These individuals, paired with my education, experience, and drive, helped me develop skills and a passion for building a profession I love. 

My healthcare experience began as a business major in college before realizing that the environment was not for me. So, at a fork in the road and needing to choose a path to follow, I launched my nursing career as a Certified Nurses Aide at a local nursing home.


Throughout Cathy Vollmer’s nursing career, she has been proud to be a nurse and will always be proud to be a nurse

It didn’t take long to fall in love with nursing, and I quickly grew passionate about the impact I could make on my patients and their families. I went on to become a Certified Medical Aide while obtaining a diploma in nursing.

After graduation, I was a Registered Nurse on a small community hospital telemetry floor, where I worked my clinicals. While gaining significant experience, I wanted to continue enhancing my nursing skills, so I worked with a local staffing agency to get to know and work with various hospitals. This ultimately led to a position at a large healthcare system working in the step-down unit. During my time at this facility, I worked in the ICU focusing on cardiac and took classes towards completing my BSN. 

After earning my BSN, I became the director of a new healthcare staffing agency. In this new role, I paired my passion for nursing with my network of healthcare peers and organizations (including my current facility and alma mater) looking for healthcare positions or staff to join their team. This is where I credit my career in healthcare staffing taking off, though I remain an active nurse. 

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My nursing education provided me with a career I love. It fuels my commitment to growth, passion for learning, and drive to support the ever-evolving healthcare community continuously.

As a nurse, I’ve had the honor of helping patients and their families, and now I continue to support the healthcare industry on a larger scale. In my current role at Conexus MedStaff, I help keep nurses in nursing and ensure they have the support, education, and training needed to feel confident.

I help ensure patients receive exceptional care, support healthcare facilities across the U.S. by offering long-term staffing solutions and diversified workforce models and facilitate education efforts for international nurses looking to advance their professional development.

My career has come full circle, and I’m fortunate now to help healthcare professionals achieve their dreams, just as my mentors did for me 30 years ago. Throughout my entire career, I have been proud to be a nurse and will always be proud to be a nurse.  

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