Going Corporate: Becoming a Clinical Consultant or Educator for Medical Device Companies

Going Corporate: Becoming a Clinical Consultant or Educator for Medical Device Companies

Moving Nurses Out of Traditional Roles

Nursing careers can take us to creative places beyond the bedside , ED, or OR. For instance, certain specialties lend themselves to medical device and pharmaceutical corporations to serve as clinical support consultants and sales representatives. Particularly, these include critical care, cardiology, emergency care, wound care, and diabetes education.

Nurses Uniquely Qualified to Transition

Nurses are well-versed in basic science and human pathology and have first-hand experience with many of the products themselves, enabling them to bring their unique perspective to these roles. The job requirements and education may vary, but they commonly require at least a BSN degree.

Be Prepared to Go Mobile

These professionals often work remotely, so computer fluency is a must. Competency in Microsoft Office and G Suite is expected, while the industry’s predominant use of apps like Evernote, Slack, or Trello require you to be a smartphone and tablet superuser, too.

Speak Up! Personality Counts

An affinity for public speaking is crucial in medical sales and consulting. Speaking at seminars, trade shows, and in-services is common. Additionally, this field requires tenacity for success — you’ll need to discover your unique approach to what one medical sales professional calls “meaningful persistence.”

Travel is the Norm

These are mobile positions, so expect to spend significant time traveling locally, regionally, or nationally. Most likely you will be required to use your personal vehicle for travel and receive reimbursement for business-related travel mileage.

Regulation is Regular

Since health care is heavily regulated by the Federal Government, these positions often require regulatory reporting or audit duties. Therefore, you will need familiarity with any regulations pertaining to the device, medication, or equipment you’re representing.

These are just a few of the requirements for roles in medical sales and device consultation.

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