Your Road Map to Using Google Drive

Your Road Map to Using Google Drive

So you’ve made it to nursing school. Congratulations! You’ve just voluntarily signed up for months of sleepless nights, constant reading, ambiguous tests, and long clinical hours.

As daunting as the idea of nursing school is, there are plenty of resources and tools available to help you succeed in your education. Among them is my personal favorite: the one and only Google Drive.

With the bombardment of information you’ll be receiving not only from your classes, labs, and textbooks, but online as well, staying organized is the key to success. Simply create a free Google account to access 15 GB of free storage online. As nursing students; we should all be excited when we hear the word “free.” Also, you can access the Drive anywhere from your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet; just download the Google Drive app for iPhone or Android devices. [et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_18]

With Google Drive, you are able to create documents and folders within folders; share them with other users and allow sharing/editing; easily label and organize folders (who doesn’t love to color-code?); and transfer files from your computer desktop to Google Drive by simply dragging and dropping files into the window.

What we learn in nursing school isn’t just for obtaining our degrees; we will be learning vital information that we can store on the Drive to access in the future.

Also, if you have multiple Gmail accounts, they don’t link so that means you can have 15 GB of free online storage per account. This is great if you’ve made a Gmail account specifically for school-related items and correspondence. You can use this account to upload files for school and share study material with fellow nursing students. This is especially helpful as items are saved immediately while you’re working in the document and lessen the chances of “your dog eating your homework.”

Whether you’re an expert organizer or a novice in need of organizational direction, Google Drive is ideal for each of you and everyone else in between. And, if it doesn’t seem like you’re kind of thing, the only price you’ll have paid was the time spent creating a Google account.