Maureen Lichtveld, MD, MPH, Joins Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Advisory Board

Maureen Lichtveld, MD, MPH, Joins Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Advisory Board

The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing (JHSON) has recently announced that Maureen Lichtveld, MD, MPH, professor and chair of the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Tulane University, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, will be joining its Advisory Board

With more than 35 years of experience in environmental public health, Lichtveld will help support JHSON’s mission and contribute diverse perspective to the school’s local and global work. Lichtveld is a member of the National Academy of Medicine and serves as an endowed chair in environmental policy at the Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium and is director of the Center for Gulf Coast Environmental Health Research, Leadership, and Strategic Initiatives.

JHSON Dean Patricia Davidson, PhD, MEd, RN, FAAN, tells Newswise.com, “Dr. Lichtveld has a wealth of knowledge gained from working all over the world. Her education, expertise, and lived experience will add tremendous value to our work, and we are excited for her enthusiasm to invest in our school.”

Lichtveld began her career in her early twenties working as a physician in the Amazon rainforest and over the course of her career she has researched environmentally-induced disease, health disparities, environmental health policy, disaster preparedness, public health systems, and community resilience.

JHSON’s Nursing Advisory Board consists of members from across disciplines and professions to help advocate for the school’s leadership and success. Lichtveld has been inducted in the Johns Hopkins University Society of Scholars and earned honors including being named CDC’s Environmental Health Scientist of the Year and Woman of the Year by the City of New Orleans. She is also a member of the National Advisory Environmental Health Sciences Council and the EPA Scientific Advisory Board.

To learn more about Maureen Lichtveld, MD, MPH, who has recently joined the Joins Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Advisory Board, visit here

Kent State College of Nursing Associate Dean Appointed to Ohio Nursing Advisory Board

Kent State College of Nursing Associate Dean Appointed to Ohio Nursing Advisory Board

Kent State College of Nursing associate dean for undergraduate programs, Tracey Motter, DNP, RN, has been appointed to the newly redesigned Northeast Ohio Nursing Initiative (NEONI) Advisory Board. NEONI is a workforce initiative under The Center for Health Affairs and the only group in the US which identifies and addresses healthcare issues and initiatives through collaborative efforts between academic and professional partners.

Motter tells Kent.edu, “NEONI allows healthcare professionals and educators to make a connection in the same room while using the same terminology to address challenges. With the endless changes occurring in healthcare, it is important for us to be in contact with healthcare and community agencies so that we can continue to educate graduates who are ready to practice.”

Kent State is the largest College of Nursing in northeast Ohio, graduating more than 44% of the practicing nurses in the area, according to Kent.edu. Dr. Motter felt it was important for the university to have a voice within NEONI and to lead discussions about the challenges that the nursing profession faces, as well as be a part of the solution process.

NEONI consists of three subgroups: the Issues Workgroup, the Initiatives Workgroup, and the Communication and Engagement Workgroup. Each workgroup is co-chaired by an Advisory Board member and a member from the general membership.

The Kent State College of Nursing and NEONI are proud to work together to identify and address healthcare issues that impact local communities. To learn more about Dr. Motter’s appointment to the NEONI Advisory Board, visit here.