Penn State Shenango Nursing Program Holds Lecture Series on Opioid Overdose Awareness

Penn State Shenango Nursing Program Holds Lecture Series on Opioid Overdose Awareness

The Penn State Shenango nursing program 2018-19 lecture series was recently kicked off with a presentation and demonstration on “Opioid Overdose Awareness.” Shenango Campus Nursing Program Coordinator Dr. Joan Humphrey and Nursing Instructor Amy Higgins will facilitate the event, which will include a Narcan demonstration by flight paramedic Christopher Nagy and special guest lecturers Mercer County coroner John Libonati and emergency physician Dr. Richard Maenza.

Humphrey tells News.PSU.edu, “With the ever-increasing concern about opioid overdose in our area, we feel it is so important to continue to bring awareness to our community. If hearing what one of us has to say can help save or give support to someone who is addicted or to someone whose loved one is suffering because of opioid abuse, then we have done our job as health care and emergency care providers and will continue to hold these types of programs until this epidemic is no longer an issue.”

Humphrey is involved in emergency and urgent care settings as a nursing professional, and is also a practicing board-certified family nurse practitioner. She began teaching at the Shenango campus as a part-time instructor in 2001 and now serves as a nursing coordinator and assistant teaching professor. Higgins earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Penn State Shenango and recently joined the Shenango campus facility. She is currently pursuing a doctorate of nursing practice.

Libonati brings more than 30 years of experience in emergency medicine and trauma care, and Dr. Maenza brings his experience as an emergency physician with US Acute Care Solutions at Sharon Regional Medical Center where he serves as the quality director and EMS director.

To learn more about the Penn State Shenango lecture series on opioid overdose awareness and the nursing and healthcare professionals who will be facilitating the event, visit here.