Rebellion is a rite of passage for young adults, especially when following in their parents’ footsteps. So, when Angeleen Campbell, the daughter of two registered nurses, set her sights on a career in accounting, it seemed perfectly normal.

But destiny, or perhaps a more potent force like genetics, had other plans. Witnessing her family’s dedication to caring for her ailing grandmother at home sparked a flicker of inspiration in Angeleen, slowly but surely nudging her towards a path she initially swore to avoid.

“Caring for my grandmother was heartfelt and meaningful, and it was the catalyst for me finally considering a nursing career…to the delight of my parents,” Angeleen says, laughing.

Daily Nurse proudly names Angeleen Campbell and Maria Campbell Nurses of the Week for inspiring a legacy of care in their nursing roles at BAYADA Home Health Care.

From Spreadsheets to Stethoscopes

Angeleen has been a licensed practical nurse (LPN) for seven years. Her mother, Maria Campbell, is a seasoned registered nurse (RN) with five decades of experience. The remarkable mother-daughter duo embodies the spirit of nursing at BAYADA Home Health Care in Pennsauken, NJ, where they’ve spent four and more than 20 years, respectively. 

Maria’s journey began in medical-surgical nursing at a hospital. After starting a family, she navigated various healthcare settings—orthopedics, private duty, and a nursing home—before returning to school to fulfill her dream of working with children. This passion led her to BAYADA Pediatrics, where she thrived for over two decades, specializing in caring for children who rely on a ventilator for respiratory support.

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After earning her LPN, Angeleen honed her skills in caring for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities before transitioning to complex pediatric care. The supportive environment and familiar faces, including the unexpected opportunity to care for her own mother’s now-adult clients, made BAYADA a natural fit.


Baby Angeleen and Mom

The Benefits of a Career in Home Care

Home care offers the flexibility Maria and Angeleen crave. It allows them to balance work and personal lives, go on cruises, and explore new places—a stark contrast to the limitations of traditional hospital schedules. Beyond flexibility, home care provides a unique sense of autonomy and the ability to witness the outcomes of their care. 

“You can see the immediate impact,” Angeleen says. The families appreciate getting their babies home for the first time. I get to provide continuing education for the family and develop their confidence in caring for their child. It can be stressful, but it’s joyous.”

Their shared passion extends beyond the workplace. Maria and Angeleen readily seek each other’s advice and support. 

“There are no boundaries! We talk shop all the time,” Angeleen says, laughing with Maria.

Maria’s wisdom, honed over a long career, guides her daughter’s burgeoning clinical experience and helps her nursing colleagues, with whom she shares her mother’s “nuggets” of wisdom.

“She gets sick of listening to me, sure, but not of my nursing advice,” Maria says. “I think she’ll go much further than me.” 

Angeleen is taking full advantage of the tuition assistance BAYADA provides and plans to further her education to pursue a role in nursing administration.

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